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Free adrenaline with the IDC/Games action games! Prove your skills and improve your reaction time thanks to the action games we offer you. This genre of video games is undoubtedly the one that has the most diversity since you can choose between fighting, war, strategy, FPS (First Person Shooter) and TPS (Third Person Shooter) games. In this kind of games, the objective is to overcome the difficulties posed by the game and advance through levels thanks to the progress the player is making. Missions become increasingly complicated and enemies get stronger and stronger. Are you able to overcome any obstacle and reach the victory? Use your speed and ingenuity to solve the problems posed by these action games. In addition, in IDC/Games you can combine this genre with MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games and play with dozens of players online who are located anywhere in the world at the same time. Sounds fun, right? Play the most entertaining action games on the net now and join a fantasy world. In IDC/Games you can become a soldier fighting on the battlefield, a hero who has to get rid of all kinds of monsters or even a galactic adventurer who travels from planet to planet. Live stunning adventures through action games and impress all your friends and players. We guarantee you real fun!